Strong brands are built over time with consistency and multiple initiatives

BLOG-ALDI-logoDepressing as it has been, and remains, to watch the slow death of “Brand USA” over the last 10 years, how wonderful it is to see a magnificent brand being built before our eyes here in Australia. I am referring to a company I have had a long love affair with since living in Munich in the late 90s and early 00s, German owned supermarket Aldi.

Aldi, following on with their Australia first of standard national pricing, the display of unit pricing and now 100% artificial flavour and colouring free, are establishing a strong brand name, day by day, initiative by initiative.

But it’s not just the three industry leading initiatives that caught my eye. It’s much more than that. I love the fact that my bill at Aldi is normally between 50% and 66% of what I would expect to pay at Coles or Woolworths; all of their bands are of very high quality (I have NEVER had a bad product from Aldi); they have fantastic “special buys” each week – that they send me an email about (electronic and household goods, like a bread maker for $79 or a top of the line PC for $599, or an Egyptian cotton sheet set for $49).

Aldi has also just announced a major expansion program in Australia. I believe Aldi is a brand we Aussies will be hearing a lot more about. It is a brand one can love to love rather that its competitors who many Aussies love to hate – it seems there is a negative TV news item about the competitors every second night.

The lesson here, and one applicable to all businesses, is that a top brand is built over time. It takes consistency and a continuing range of initiatives to reinforce a positive brand experience and perception.

It is very clear what the Aldi brand stands for – reliably high quality at an incredibly good price.


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