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Ready for sale

Engaged to optimise price and minimise owner stress. Our clients operate in multiple industries, and look to us for solid advice on issues that affect value in their organisations. We conduct a rigorous analysis of each client’s individual situation and develop customised solutions. This section presents useful, relevant insights and understanding to key aspects of preparing a business for sale and associated activities that we have found to be common foundations of that client specific and customised advice. Maxik does not provide financial, investment, accounting…

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Reposition brands for profit, sale or reputation. Some people get lost in long reports, presentations, diagrams flow charts and SWOT analyses. What matters most is how your customers describe your business to others. You may say you’re ‘dynamic’, ‘innovative’ or ‘trustworthy’. Almost everyone does. What you need are true words that really say what you do differently. If you can find three words that define you, distil the core of your business and resonate with your clients, you’re already ahead of the pack. Maxik does not…

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Market, competitor and customer intelligence. It’s the type of research you cannot have a university student do, research that requires multi discipline, multi industry experienced and business savvy consultants. Our core skill is getting to and extracting qualitative value for our clients from this research.  Maxik does not provide financial, investment, accounting or legal services. Independent professional advice should be sought in these areas.


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