About Maxik

About Maxik

Maxik is a specialist consulting firm advising owners on how to prepare their businesses for sale (often 2 to 3 years before sale) or position their brand for profit or reputation. We partner with clients from the private, not for profit, government and SME sectors across multiple industries in Australasia. We employ a value, brand and research based focus.

Empathy and value creation for our clients in a candid, open and friendly manner are our core values. Our commitment is to bring the very best advice to clients based upon our specialist knowledge and experience.

BlancMaxik does not believe in standard approaches but customised solutions. In specialising in the areas of ready for sale and positioning we bring to clients the benefit of a firm which has addressed and solved similar issues before – consultants who have a strong technical and practical grasp of not just the foundations but also the “unwritten rules” for success in our subject specialities, supplemented with the creative skills of the whole team.

Our Consultants
Our consultants come from a very wide variety of academic and experience backgrounds. They hold qualifications in finance, marketing, management, sales, administration, HR, branding, design, IT, cybernetics, informatics, economics, music, aviation and many other disciplines. Our consultants have worked in a wide variety of industries in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe and America. The strength of the consultants is the shared client focused values and team approach – with a respect for the specialist views of each other.

We partner with clients from the private, not for profit, government and SME sectors across multiple industries in Australasia. We employ a value, brand and research based focus.

In ready for sale generally clients will be baby boomers who started and have spent 20+ years building the business. They will be very knowledgeable and good at what they do. They have strong family values and community ties.
In positioning mandates our clients include many of Australasia’s most ambitious organisations, seeking to improve the positioning of their brand so as to maximise its value or reputation.

BlancHearing M&A Advisers Say to Clients: “If only you’d come to us earlier, when first contemplating sale, we could have implemented a range of initiatives and got you a much higher price, but sadly it’s too late now

Observing many M&A experts are good at finance but lack skills in “soft” disciplines like marketing and branding essential to optimising businesses in ready for sale or brand positioning mode.

Meeting intelligent, successful but stressed business owners who have: A fear of the unknown regarding selling a business, born out of: little or no knowledge of how prepare for sale and sales work and is priced; misconceptions; a nagging feeling they can’t put off preparing for sale much longer; and the desire for a nurturing and trusted advisor who will speak with candour and walk them though the ready for sale or brand positioning.

Value proposition
Maxik adds significant value, well above its fees, generally on a fee for service basis with known outcomes, timeframes and a fixed price, by increasing the sales value of a business or a business brand.

Tips on brand positioning
Correctly positioning an organisation’s brand for sale, profit or reputation is a delicate balance of science and art. It is a constantly evolving sub set of marketing spend, yet underscores everything else.

Recent research assignments
Details of recent research and market intelligence assignments we have undertaken recently at Maxik across multiple industries.

Maxik does not provide financial, investment, accounting or legal services. Independent professional advice should be sought in these areas.

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