Making business valuable

Maxik is a specialist consulting firm advising owners on how to prepare their businesses for sale (often 2 to 3 years before sale) or position their brand for profit or reputation. We partner with clients from the private, not for profit, government and SME sectors across multiple industries in Australasia. We employ a value, brand and research based focus.
We seek to add value to our clients by helping owners and managers be proud about what they created, and at the right time, how they passed it on to others. We do this through bringing all that we have learnt in our specialist areas to clients in a discussion based, relevant and customised manner.
We are committed to:

  1. Empathy and candour
  2. A customised approach
  3. Identifying and creating value
  4. A discussion based approach
  5. Sharing specialist knowledge with our clients.

Our consultants
Come from a very wide variety of academic and experience backgrounds. They hold qualifications in finance, marketing, management, sales, administration, HR, branding, design, IT, cybernetics, informatics, economics, music, aviation and many other disciplines.


Laws of ready for sale

What are the laws of getting a business ready for sale that are true in every case? Laws that are more than rules, laws that, if one understands them, can be used to one’s advantage. Conversely, if one does not know these laws things can go surprisingly wrong.

Brand meets finance: Making your business more valuable
Making business more valuableGetting your brand right has the greatest effect on long – term earnings. (The opposite is also true.)

Customer research
Independent qualitative market research can reveal both the real thoughts of customers – thoughts they would not tell a company directly and secret hidden gems worth more than gold.


Maxik does not provide financial, investment, accounting or legal services. Independent professional advice should be sought in these areas.

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